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Established & Proven business values along with New Technology have led McCaw's to where we are today.


Years of

Family Founded in 1977, it has been McCaw’s passion to truly collaborate with valued Clients on every job,  to provide them with the utmost technical and operational expertise. Here at McCaw’s, we are constantly working with our vendors on new and improved designs and technologies to remain the leader in our industry. One of our main focus is on the mentoring & training of our valued  employees, both at the field and office levels. Our commitment is second to none when it comes to being the safest and most valuable drilling & blasting contractor in the industry. After successfully executing the loading of millions of pounds of explosives, tying in tens of thousands of detonators & patterns along with safely executing thousands of blasts, for these reasons your best choice for any project in the drilling & blasting industry McCaws Drilling & Blasting is the company to choose.

Every safely executed project we do is done with the utmost commitment to SAFETY of the Public, the People and the Environment.


McCaw's provides pipeline services including ditch rock drilling, controlled blasting, special design blasting plans, vibration analysis. We are specialists in trench and mass rock controlled blasting.


McCaw's supplies highly advanced mine drilling and blasting services, as well as specialized drilling and grouting for the secure construction of site work.


For small and large quarry ventures, McCaw's provides a range of advanced drilling and blasting services.

Civil Works

All advanced drilling, grouting, managed blasting, and anchoring solutions are offered by McCaw's for all civil projects.


Curtain grouting, consultation grouting, and jet grouting are all specialities provided by McCaw's.


McCaw's can supply rock socket piles in overburden, permafrost, and add freeze piles, as well as drill and mount them.


For design-build anchoring programs, McCaw's provides a broad range of anchor applications.

Rock Reinforcement

Rock bolts, mesh, steel straps, cable strand anchors, and bar anchors, along with base hole drilling are all available from McCaw's.


McCaw's has a broad array of advanced equipment for speciality drilling applications.