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With the support of our cutting-edge experience, McCaw's has in place a tried-and-true health and safety management system that is growing and evolving each & every day.


Years of

McCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd. is a leader in health & safety for the drill/blast industry. This leadership includes identification of existing and potential hazards, provision and maintenance of protective equipment, and development of training. With management providing strong leadership in safety, we have maintained being ahead of the curve for legislative compliance through association membership.

Being members of these associations has allowed us to be part of the front line in proposed changes to federal and provincial regulations. Working with the government through these associations allows our company to provide information on how changes may affect our workers negatively and provide alternate solutions that will meet the regulation’s intent but still provide the protection required to our workers, the public, and the environment.

Because safety is a vital component to our organization, McCaw’s utilizes memberships with a variety of compliance companies to ensure that our corporate policies and procedures are meeting regulatory and provincial/federal best practice requirements.

Through establishing a proven and effective health & safety management system, McCaw’s has experienced significant experience ratio rate reductions in our WCB premiums.

McCaw’s Drilling is a current member of the following:

Every safely executed project we do is done with the utmost commitment to SAFETY of the Public, the People and the Environment.